A Human Resources Tool for Technical Recruiters


While I was a Summer Intern at TrueCar Inc. during 2015, I not only worked on an automotive industry analytics platform, which you can see here, but I also designed a straightforward user experience for an experimental HR tool. Essentially, it's a quizzing application geared toward streamlining the programmer hiring pipeline. I had a lot of fun working on these designs since I was able to stray away from the traditional TrueCar style guide and inject some of my own style!


The Problem:

A lot of man-hours are used to interview under qualified candidates, from stalking LinkedIns, to reading coding challenge submissions. TrueCar is a public company, but only has about 500 employees, and is looking to quickly grow its technical team.



Since we only had about six weeks to complete this (while I was also primarily working on the analytics tool) the team decided to first focus on creating a quality experience with a beautiful UI in order to present the company well to prospective hires. I designed the company-facing experience flow, but we were going to need the interface to be coded very simply and designed by the coders (Thought Process: You already work for us, we don't need to show off to you haha). Thus, the screens that I designed in the time constraints were specifically for the candidate-facing side.


User Flow:


Final Mocks:

*Note - there is an extra "Sign In" screen for the option of implementing that process instead of link-based access, or for the company-facing sign in process.

Originally, this project was going to be huge, like too big for five interns to code up in six weeks. Exhibit A:

We ended up shrinking the project to the quizzing application you see above, tackling one portion of the process.