Isometric Weekends

Feeling particularly uninspired this week, I decided to not make a UI and just practice some "perspective" by trying out isometric illustration with an event from my weekend.

A couple of my friends started giving themselves "stick 'n poke" tattoos, basically black ink tattoos that are done manually by hand without a tattoo gun. I finally got around to doing one myself and it was a really strange experience with a lot of unusual objects.

this is a carousel vvvvv

Good things: 

  • the grid made the hugest difference and this didn't end up being that hard to illustrate
  • I think it's pretty cute
  • the grid man
  • i felt like I learned a lot about how to handle perspective-y things in my mind's eye
  • this is trendy af lol

Not so good things: 

  • this shit is hard
  • colors are hard esp the gradation between sides of a box and trying to make complex objects
  • my cup looks stupid
  • how do i fix my cup????
  • sry i can't be at the meeting miss y'all


Karen Li