Alternative Weather Phenomenon


The other day, it rained............ too much. Whilst trying to describe the rain (and subsequent super soaking that occurred) to my friend, I started thinking of metaphors for weather phenomenon. I thought it'd be a fun exercise to make a weather app "UI" (this is.... rly not a UI) with alternative weather phenomenon.


Good Things:

  • Maintaining shape/color parity
  • Stepping back into my comfort zone helped me feel better about what I was making
  • Not thinking about UX was a lot of fun lol


  • I'm bad at drawing making images is hard
  • Identifying the style that I chose, then matching and finding type for that style
  • Figuring out how to define the style and to what extent I could change it while still being the same???
  • The match one looks like Hades' hair from Hercules and Burnin' Up by the Jonas Brothers is now stuck in my head forever

Next Week:

  • Isometric styling
  • Less text more visuals
  • WEB UI!
Karen Li