Goals for the Semester


some thoughts on goals for blue team

What's your end goal?

to feel more confident in my ability to create visuals, understand how to discuss graphic design, find the cure for seasonal affective disorder

What are you working on?

vector illustration and iconography systems, finding the cure for SAD, responsibility, variety/adaptability in design styles

like............ be able to identify what makes a style a style and take those components and apply them to something else that matches that..... style......... or brand?

understanding the tension between elements of a design and finding ways to resolve it

What inspires you? What are you working towards?

tasty videos, dog memes, 

i am really bad at this, so anything on / i'm really interested to hear what everyone else' inspiration is so I can mooch

speed, confidence, being able to eat spicy food

If you get stuck, what new approaches can you try?

taking it back to pen and paper, abstracting away from the visuals and thinking about the concepts/plan/generalization, copy/steal, take a walk, play with a dog, go to sleep, watch cooking videos

What will you be looking for during our check-ins? 

higher degrees of complexity in the work I produce, more variety in my visual style, higher quality work

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